the Limeglass platform

Limeglass is a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) platform that enhances the way information is both searched and presented.

  • Information overload in the financial markets is omnipresent and nowhere more so than with financial market research.
  • Limeglass clears the path through the analytical jungle by immediately atomising, analysing and indexing every paragraph of every incoming document.
  • Easily implemented as Limeglass works from your existing research publications (including unstructured PDFs).
  • Relevant paragraphs are identified by combinations of specific subjects, markets and financial instruments.
  • Results are presented in context via dedicated client user interfaces, e-commerce APIs, data feeds and email alerts.
  • Unlock the underlying value of analysis deep within research papers.
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Immediately updated as documents are received, Limeglass provides you with a unique tool to atomise, filter and navigate all your research, paragraph by paragraph. Limeglass transforms the liability of information overload into the asset the research was designed to be.

"Enhance the focus of your research."



The Limeglass portal puts you one click away from all the essential paragraphs on any topic

  • Real-time dashboard monitors incoming publications and provides instant overviews of any report's subject matter.
  • Powerful hierarchical navigation designed to dynamically evolve with the breadth and depth of your research.
  • Contextually reactive menu options ensure you never browse to empty results.
  • Navigate intuitively through multiple levels of granularity across all documents and sources.
  • Personalise your analysis with favourite combinations of financial instruments, markets and subjects.
  • Flexibility to read your analysis by paragraph, article or entire publication.
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The Limeglass portal has been designed specifically to enable you to easily navigate through your dynamic library and to quickly focus on your favourite subjects.

"Make the information work for you, don't work for the information."


e-commerce API

The Limeglass API is designed to seamlessly integrate your in-house research into your intranet, research website or ecommerce platform at a very granular level.

  • Create contextual research links for individual financial instruments and entities.
  • Display focused results from your entire library.
  • Notifications of new updates for monitored subject criteria.
  • Optimised for performance to quickly locate and deliver only the content required.
  • Provide your clients with an enhanced user experience.
  • We will work with you to harness the power of Limeglass to actively integrate your research into your platform.
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The breadth of your in-house research can be maximised to a far greater degree than previously possible, with a level of granularity that opens up an opportunity to differentiate your platform from competitors’ offerings.

"Make your research a key differentiator."



Limeglass alerts allow you to receive immediate notification of updates relating to your favourite topics.

  • Create your own personal concise summaries from the hundreds of pages of research that are published every day.
  • Tailor the analysis to your specific trading needs and stay abreast of the latest views.
  • Customise your schedule to receive immediate notifications or collated updates at designated intervals.
  • Don’t miss out on key analysis that may be buried deep within a publication.
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Limeglass can provide personalised scheduled emails collating selected key paragraphs from different sources and all relevant to the instruments you are trading.

"Never miss out on key analysis."