The Limeglass portal allows both internal teams and external clients to quickly access the research they require with the ability to read specific paragraphs and articles across all documents.

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Provide your clients with your whole research library broken down by financial instruments, markets and subjects via the Limeglass portal or on your own platform via the e-commerce API.

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The Limeglass portal allows you to browse and set up alerts for a specific subject and immediately read the relevant paragraphs across all the research publications you have received.

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features & benefits

services features benefits
Limeglass client portal Enhanced indexing of all paragraphs Enjoy cross-document topic based navigation of relevant paragraphs
e-commerce API Granular tagging with hierarchical relationships Implement context sensitive integration into any platform
alerts Personalisation to individual requirements Tailor alerts to individual subjects on specific schedules
management dashboard Management administration module Focus on client feedback via detailed metrics
research client portal Completely indexed research library Immediately access paragraphs from the entire library of published articles by financial instrument, market, country and subject.
Instant overview Quickly keep track of all the latest in-house views
Track favourite subjects Stay abreast of your key market interests
sell-side client portal Ease of accessibility to key paragraphs Utilise in-house research to maximise client interaction
Client personalisation Tailor research to individual client requirements
alerts Tailor made automatic alerts Create personalised updates on individual subjects, instruments or markets
management dashboard Client statistics & feedback Understand clients' evolving interests
e-commerce API Platform integration Allow for context sensitive integration of research into the bank's own platform providing a key differentiator
buy-side client portal Granular navigation of all research Easily navigate relevant content from multiple sources
Relational tagging at paragraph level Quickly highlight a cross section of views on key topics
alerts Email alert customisation Receive relevant updates on your specific interests