Technological Innovations

Limeglass Research Atomisation™ solutions comprises many fundamental innovations designed explicitly to unlock the latent value across the research life cycle

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Technology Solutions for the Financial Markets

Limeglass Lexicon Proprietary Financial Ontology

Limeglass manages its own continually evolving financial ontology which underpins the Limeglass services & technologies:

Proprietary semantic ontology
  • cross-asset class, macro & thematic knowledge-graph
  • managed & curated by our in-house research team
  • comprehensive synonyms of financial concepts & entities
  • over 150,000 tags
  • growing at 1,500 per month

Limeglass Research Atomisation™ services are powered by Limeglass Rich-NLP technology

Limeglass Rich-NLP technology* analyses, tags & indexes paragraphs
  • interprets sentences in context
  • utilises document flow structure & formatting
  • identifies important combinations of tags
    (e.g. US + Inflation)
  • context-aware semantic WSD**
    (e.g. disambiguate ‘cable’ as ‘cable TV’, ‘GBP/USD’ etc)
  • evaluates paragraph-level tag composition analysis
Research Atomisation™ Index
  • custom-built paragraph-level index
  • locate & surface relevant paragraphs or document sections
  • documents are regularly reprocessed & reindexed as Lexicon evolves
Unstructured Document Interpreters
  • identify the core articles in the manner the author intended
  • flow document interpreters parse & classify elements within flow documents
    (e.g. HTML)
  • fixed-page format interpreters convert & reflow ‘designed for print’ formats
    (e.g. native PDF)

*  Rich Natural Language Processing is Limeglass’s proprietary NLP technology that leverages the rich formatting and context within complex research documents

** Word-sense disambiguation (WSD) is an open problem in computational linguistics concerned with identifying which sense of a word is used in a sentence

Content Metrics provide granular analytics on composition of published research

  • document composition can be easily visualised
  • content metrics can be aggregated over multiple documents
  • tag coverage can be analysed to find trends over time

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