Eliminate information overload and focus on the relevant paragraphs of your financial market research

Enhance content relevance and improve your ROI by transforming your research into data

Eliminate information overload and focus on the relevant paragraphs of your financial market research

Enhance content relevance and improve your ROI by transforming your research into data

Research Discovery is crucial for Buy Side & Sell Side, improving ROI of both Production & Consumption

Combining the Power of AI & Human Expertise

Limeglass is a Fintech with a suite of Research Discovery services for producers & consumers of investment research across the Buy Side and Sell Side.

Limeglass combines AI with human domain expertise to turn research documents into rich, structured data, unlocking a multitude of revolutionary applications.

Unlock the Latent Value in your Research

Research Discovery

Enhance your Content with Codified Financial Knowledge

Limeglass Research QA Team
Domain Expertise
Managed Knowledge Graph
Taxonomy of 170,000+ tags
Cross Asset – Macro – Thematic

Transform Unstructured Research into Structured Data

Proprietary Technology
Research Atomisation

Limeglass is the only tool that improves the ROI on research for both Producers & Consumers by making it:
more Relevant to more Clients, more Frequently, more Rapidly.

How Clients use Limeglass

Active Discovery

Find the exact information you need, at paragraph level across multiple documents. Make your research the valuable asset it was always meant to be.


  • Smart Search within documents
  • Find what you’re really looking for with Limeglass Augmented Ranking Technology


  • Navigate complex content through the Limeglass Portal
  • Browse related content through hierarchical menus
  • Integrate with your own custom Taxonomy
  • Build custom Dashboards for new subject areas

Natural Language Interaction

  • Query your research with natural language questions in Limeglass AI Chat

Passive Discovery

Stay on top of important & relevant content. Never miss valuable research insights. Reduce information overload.


  • Automate richer, more consistent tags for distribution & subscription preferences
  • Generate compilation products
  • Enable micro-publishing

Topic Monitoring

  • Surface relevant related content based on reading interests
  • Display trending & most-covered topics via visualisations & notifications

Synthesised Content

  • Provide the most relevant original excerpts for expert summary
  • Provide cleaned, relevant input into LLMs with Limeglass Research Atomisation™

Automated Question Response

  • Batch answer client questions
  • Service clients with research based on CRM notes


Understand what’s in your research. Mine the data for hidden relationships. Automate cumbersome processes. Make better business decisions.

Coverage & Trends

  • Analyse & compare how much has been written about different subjects
  • Uncover trends in topic coverage over time


  • Discover interesting correlations through Topic Co-Occurrence
  • Leverage the structured tags & metrics for any custom analysis

Workflow Optimisation

  • Augment Supervisory Analyst & Compliance Pre-Publication processes
  • Manage the research publishing pipeline

Readership Analysis

  • Investigate granular readership interests

Solutions for the Financial Markets

Blending cutting edge technology with human expertise in financial research for


The danger of so much information is that it becomes overwhelming. You have shown me a way to find and sort the key content I need…

Hedge Fund

Global Strategist

…it has been the easiest and most seamless vendor product integration I’ve done in my career. Thanks for all your great documentation and prompt support whenever I needed it.

Global Investment Bank

Senior Developer, Research Technology

I have only had a quick skim but already picking up stuff from recent BOE speeches that I hadn’t bothered reading because I didn’t realise from their title alone what would be in the content!

Independent Research Provider

Head of Research

It’s all about making the research relevant. The sales person needs to know their client and serve them accordingly. This will help them to do that.

European Investment Bank

Head of eBusiness for Markets

…your NLP is clearly superior…

Global Investment Bank

Taxonomy Manager, Research

We have been able to integrate the heatmap today in our website. FYI, It was really easy for our team to integrate. The API works perfectly.

European Investment Bank

Digital Product Owner, Global Research