enhance the focus
of your research

eliminate information overload and focus on the relevant paragraphs of your financial market research

the LimeGlass platform



Harness your research

  • Quickly navigate and maximise your research
  • Instantly find key paragraphs on any subject across documents
  • Customise analysis to your own requirements

e‑commerce API


Context sensitive integration

  • Enhance your e-commerce platform
  • Integrate your in-house analysis at the most granular level
  • Link your own research to specific instruments



Tailored email alerts

  • Create your favourite subjects
  • Personalise your incoming research
  • Be immediately notified of updates

personalises research for financial market participants


  • Increase the readership and value of your research
  • Make your research a key differentiator
  • Highlight the breadth of coverage


  • Maximise the value of your bank's research
  • Broaden the immediate reach of your analysis
  • Provide your clients with the ultimate research tool


  • Master the extensive daily inflow of financial research
  • Unlock the value of all your incoming publications
  • Create email alerts to stay abreast of the markets